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Research & Assessment Reports

Research and Assessment conducts and reports on studies related to UH Mānoa students, facilitates student affairs program assessment and review, and provides consultation to faculty and staff.

Available Reports*

Name Date Posted Type Size
New Students (First-Time Freshmen and Transfers)
Percent of Engagement of Freshman and Senior Hawaiian Students at UH-Manoa Spring 2007-2010 [Nov 2010]12/09/2010PDF90 KB
Comparison of 2007 and 2009 Freshmen Living On-Campus [Mar 2010]10/26/2010PDF128 KB
Percent of Engagement of Freshman and Senior Filipino Students at UH-Manoa Spring 2007-2010 [Oct 2010]10/21/2010PDF80 KB
Filipino Freshmen at UHM [Jul 2010]08/25/2010PDF157 KB
Hawaiian and Part-Hawaiian Freshmen at UHM [Jun 2010]08/25/2010PDF141 KB
2009 CIRP Freshman Survey Profile [2009]07/15/2010PDF291 KB
Comparison of Freshmen Living On-Campus and Commuters at UH-Manoa [Feb 2010]06/16/2010PDF118 KB
Perceptions of In-State Admitted Students [Oct 2009]12/01/2009PDF330 KB
Student Interest Report [Sep 2009]12/01/2009PDF35 KB
Student Interest Report [Oct 2008]10/31/2008PDF67 KB
First-Time Hawaii and Mainland Freshmen [Jul 2008]07/21/2008PDF202 KB
First-Time Hawaiian Freshmen at UHM [Jun 2008]06/20/2008PDF195 KB
First-Time Filipino Freshmen at UHM [Jun 2008]06/20/2008PDF190 KB
Comparison of First-Year Students at UHM and Selected Peer Institutions [Mar 2008]02/29/2008PDF71 KB
Student Interest Report [Sep 2007]08/19/2008PDF80 KB
Comparison of First-Year Students at UHM and Doctoral-Extensive Institutions [Aug 2007]02/29/2008PDF70 KB
2007 CIRP Freshman Survey Profile [2007]02/06/2008PDF144 KB
First-Time Students Who Enrolled In Fall 2005 But Did Not Return In Fall 2006 [Nov 2006]02/06/2008PDF313 KB
College Opportunities Program Statistical Tables 1998-2005 [July 2005]08/29/2006PDF316 KB
College Opportunities Program Entering Freshmen Profile for 1998-2004: General Trends [Sep 2004]08/29/2006PDF404 KB
First-Time Freshmen from Hawaii and the Mainland [Fall 2004]08/29/2006PDF412 KB
Entering Freshmen from Hawaii and the Mainland [Fall 2004]08/29/2006PDF212 KB
College Opportunities Program Freshmen Profile for 1998-2003 [Aug 2003]08/29/2006PDF312 KB
The Transfer Process as Viewed by Filipino, Hawaiian, and Other University of Hawaii Community College [Apr 2001]08/29/2006PDF359 KB
First-Time Freshmen at UHM [Dec 2000]08/29/2006PDF774 KB
Filipino, Hawaiian and Other Transfer Students from Community Colleges [Fall 2000]08/29/2006PDF4.09 MB
1999 First-Time Freshmen and Transfer Students at UHM [Dec 1999]08/29/2006PDF1.43 MB
Gender Differences of Entering Freshmen [Jan 1999]08/29/2006PDF402 KB
1998 First-Time Freshmen and Transfer Students at UHM [Nov 1998]08/29/2006PDF336 KB
Reasons Students Chose UH-Manoa as well as Left UH-Manoa [Mar 2010]06/16/2010PDF980 KB
Learning Beyond the Classroom [Apr 2008]10/21/2009PDF311 KB
Student Satisfaction With Residential Life [Jul 2006]06/04/2008PDF512 KB
Student Priorities for Improving Educational Experiences [Spring 2006]02/06/2008PDF170 KB
Campus Climate for Diversity [Sep 2005]09/18/2008PDF148 KB
Educational Trends of Filipino, Hawaiian, and Other Students as Related to the Strategic Plan of the University of Hawaii at Manoa [Jul 2003]08/29/2006PDF543 KB
Trends in the College Experiences of Undergraduates at UHM from 1990 to 2002 [Dec 2002]02/11/2008PDF540 KB
Indicators of Student Satisfaction and Use of Student Services [Aug 2002]02/11/2008PDF275 KB
CSEQ for 1990, 1993, 1996 and 1999 for UHM [Aug 1999]08/29/2006PDF203 KB
CSEQ Survey [1999]08/29/2006PDF3.68 MB
CSEQ for 1990, 1993, 1996 and Norms for UHM [Aug 1997]08/29/2006PDF209 KB
Survey of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources Graduates [Summer 2000]08/29/2006PDF240 KB
Business Administration Graduates, Classes of May and December 1997 [Oct 1998]08/29/2006PDF362 KB
Survey of Engineering Graduates, Class of 1997 [1997]08/29/2006PDF422 KB
Survey of Arts & Sciences Gruaduates, UH Manoa, Class of 1994 [Sep 1996]08/29/2006PDF126 KB
Research Briefs
Freshmen and Financial Aid Services [Oct 2009]11/04/2009PDF90 KB
Sources of Funding to Cover First-Year Educational Expenses [Apr 2009]04/09/2009PDF90 KB
Plans of Hawaii Public High School Graduating Seniors to Attend Four-Year Institutions [Mar 2009]04/09/2009PDF97 KB
Student Preferences for Scheduling and Communication of Co-Curricular Activities [Dec 2008]01/22/2009PDF89 KB
Enrollment and Retention of Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) Students [Oct 2008]10/17/2008PDF87 KB
Reasons Hawaii and Mainland First-Time Freshmen Select the University of Hawaii at Manoa [Jul 2008]07/30/2008PDF105 KB
Leadership and Community Programming [May 2008]05/22/2009PDF85 KB
Freshmen Preference for On-Line Services and Evening and Week-End Schedules [Apr 2008]04/09/2008PDF162 KB
Freshmen Satisfaction With New Student Orientation [Mar 2008]03/27/2008PDF106 KB
Freshmen and Parental Involvement [Jan 2008]02/06/2008PDF116 KB
Violence to Women Students [Mar 2005]08/29/2006PDF130 KB
Gambling and Entering Students [Oct 2004]08/29/2006PDF136 KB
Diversity and Student Acquaintances and Serious Discussions [Sep 2003]08/29/2006PDF123 KB
Student Satisfaction with Student Services Increases from 1990 to 2002 [Jun 2002]08/29/2006PDF99 KB
Reasons for Not Enrolling at the UHM Reported by Fall 2001 Admitted Non-Enrolling Students [Jan 2002]08/29/2006PDF132 KB
First-Time Freshmen and Transfer Students Computer Skills from 1998 to 1999 [Nov 1999]08/29/2006PDF114 KB
Students Satisfaction with Student Services Increases from 1990 to 1999 [Oct 1999]08/29/2006PDF101 KB
Employed Students and Academic Involvement and Satisfaction at UHM [Sep 1997]08/29/2006PDF116 KB
University and Community Service of Students at UHM [Jun 1997]08/29/2006PDF128 KB
Reasons For Not Enrolling at UHM Reported by Fall 1996 Admitted/Non-Enrolling Undergraduates [Feb 1997]08/29/2006PDF112 KB
Computer Ownership of Undergraduates at UHM [Oct 1996]08/29/2006PDF112 KB
Class Schedule Preferences of Undergraduates at UHM [Sep 1996]08/29/2006PDF143 KB
Fall 1995 First-Time Entering Student Reasons for Selecting UHM [Jun 1996]08/29/2006PDF144 KB
UHM Business and Engineering Graduates in the Job Market in 1993 [Apr 1994]08/29/2006PDF79 KB
Other Reports
Student Affairs Performance Indicators [Dec 2009]12/08/2009PDF1.51 MB
Mental Health on Campus: A Stakeholder's View [Aug 2009]10/21/2009PDF561 KB
Student Affairs Performance Indicators [Mar 2009]07/02/2009PDF758 KB
Identifying & Remediating Early Academic Risks [Sep 2008]10/21/2009PDF282 KB
Student Academic Success: Highlights of Retention Data and Surveys [Feb 2008]10/21/2010PDF249 KB
Student Affairs Mission, Student Goals, and Performance Indicators [Jan 2007]08/19/2008PDF1 MB

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