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FAQs: Academic & Enrollment Resources

How do I register for class?

The registration process can be found at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa registration homepage.

How do I check if a course is available?

Visit the myUH online services to check course availability.

How do I check the courses I am enrolled in?

You can view and print your class schedule by logging into the MyUH portal.

What are the withdrawing procedures for UH Mānoa?

For more information about withdrawing from a course or withdrawing completely from UH Mānoa visit myUH online services.

How do I request transcripts?

Information on ordering transcripts can be found on the Admissions and Records web site.

How can I obtain my diploma?

Diploma information can be found on the Admissions and Records web site.

If I changed my name, address or phone number, how do I change my student record on file?

To find out how you can update your student record files, visit the Admission and Records web site.

As a foreign student, where can I get help on campus to find out about registration requirements, health insurance, and general tax information?

International Student Services can help answer many of these questions.

Where can I go for tutoring service?

Get more information on tutoring services available to students.

Where can I go for academic advising?

Get more information on academic advising services available to students.

What libraries are available for students?

Mānoa has five libraries for students: Hamilton, Sinclair, Law, Health Sciences, and Travel Industry Management. More information can be found at the UH Mānoa Libraries page.

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