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FAQs: Mānoa Life

Where can I get a campus map?

The online campus map or printable version is available.

How can I obtain a new or replacement student ID?

Obtaining a new or replacement student ID card at the Campus Center Ticket, Information and ID window.

What are the available dining options on campus?

Retail on-campus dining options available for the UH Mānoa campus.

Are there courtesy phones on campus?

No, UH Manoa does not offer courtesy phones. However, there are pay phones throughout the Mānoa campus.

Where are the ATM machines located on campus?

ATM machines are located at the Campus Center first floor; American Savings Bank Hemingway Hall branch; and Paradise Palms Cafe.

Where’s the nearest post office?

The two closest post offices near the UH Mānoa campus are:

Mānoa Marketplace Branch
2754 Woodlawn Dr, Ste 7-101
Honolulu, HI 96822-1896

Moilili Branch
2700 S King St, Ste B
Honolulu, HI 96826-3398

Where can students and visitors park?

Get more information on parking information for students and visitors at the Commuter Services web site.

How do I contest or pay for a parking citation?

Information about contesting or paying for parking citations can be found at the Parking Operations web site.

Where can I secure my bicycle?

A map showing bicycle rack locations for the Mānoa campus is available.

Where can I get information on TheBus?

TheBus web site provides information on routes, timetables, and fares.

As a student, where can I purchase a reduced rate bus pass?

UH Manoa is a participant of TheBus University Bus Pass Program or U-PASS in which an eligible student can purchase a reduced rate bus pass. TheBus web site provides more information on eligibility requirements, current rates, and purchase locations.

What is the Manoa campus shuttle service?

A free campus shuttle service for UH Mānoa students, visitors, faculty and staff that provide alternative on-campus transportation.

How do students apply for on-campus housing?

Student housing information and application forms are available online at the Student Housing Services web site.

How can I find off-campus housing?

Student Housing Services provides off-campus housing information.

Is on-campus housing available for families?

Yes family housing is available to students. Visit Student Housing Services for more information.

In an emergency how can I contact Mānoa Department of Public Safety (campus security)?

A person on-campus can contact Department of Public Safety by either dialing extension 66911 or use an on-campus emergency call box. To contact campus security while off-campus, dial 956-8211.

How can I get notified of a campus emergency?

Sign up for UH alert emergency notifications if you are a University of Hawaiʻi student, faculty or staff.

What are some tips for staying safe?

Visit the Mānoa Department of Public Safety web site to view and print a safety tip brochure.

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