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Services at UH Mānoa

We have provided you with a list of resources that we hope will be a convenient way for you to locate and access these services at the UH Mānoa.

Note: All of the following services and more are listed and more fully described in the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Catalog at:


Mānoa Advising Center

Email: macadv@hawaii.edu
Web: www.manoa.hawaii.edu/undergrad/mac/
Phone: 808.956.7273

  • First point of contact for incoming students
  • For students who have not declared a major
  • Provides referral assistance

Honors Program

Email: honors@hawaii.edu
Web: manoa.hawaii.edu/undergrad/honors/
Phone: 808.956.8391

  • Provides opportunities for talented and motivated undergraduates to excel in their academic studies through critical thinking and oral, written and audio-visual communication skills, respect for diversity and commitment to social justice, civic participation and capacity for leadership.

Pre-Health/Pre-Law Advising Center (PAC)

Email: uhpac@hawaii.edu
Web: www.manoa.hawaii.edu/pac
Phone: 808.956.4045

  • A walk-in resource center for students interested in the health fields or law. PAC mentors and academic advisors help students clarify their career goals, choose a major and plan appropriate coursework, find opportunities to gain experience, and apply to schools.

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Academic Services

Learning Assistance Center

Email: learning@hawaii.edu
Web: www.manoa.hawaii.edu/learning
Phone: 808.956.6114

  • Provides academic counseling services and assists students in developing learning skills to increase academic success.

Student Success Center

Email: uhmssc@hawaii.edu
Web: http://manoa.hawaii.edu/undergrad/ssc/
Phone: 808.956.5656

  • Provides a welcoming place to study and learn; provides comfortable seating in a space that has natural light and air; is open long hours; permits students to bring food in.
  • Work with faculty, librarians, mentors, and tutors to meet individually defined learning needs.

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Hamilton Library

Web: library.manoa.hawaii.edu/
Phone: 808.956.7203

Sinclair Library

Web: www.sinclair.hawaii.edu/
Phone: 808.956.8308

Wong Audiovisual Center

Web: www.sinclair.hawaii.edu/wavc
Phone: 808.956.8308

Computerized Learning and Information Center

Web: library.manoa.hawaii.edu/about/

Phone: 808.956.8702

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Support Services

Advocacy Office


Web: www.bookstore.hawaii.edu/
Phone: 808.842.6657

Mānoa Career Center

Email: careers@hawaii.edu
Web: manoa.hawaii.edu/careercenter/
Phone: 808.956.7007

  • Empowers students to engage in career life planning through awareness, exploration, experience, and reflection.
  • Student employment information

Child Care

Email: uhmcc@hawaii.edu
Phone: 808.956.7963

  • Child care is available at the Children's Center on the Mānoa campus for a limited number of two- to five-year-old children of students, faculty, and staff.

Counseling and Student Development

Phone: 808.956.7927

  • Provides confidential services, including:
    • Career counseling
    • Personal counseling
    • Psychiatric consultation

Financial Aid

Email: finaid@hawaii.edu
Web: www.hawaii.edu/fas
Phone: 808.956.3993

  • Scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study programs may be provided to eligible applocamts as available
  • Financial aid advising.

Health Services

Web: www.hawaii.edu/shs/
Phone: 808.956.8965

  • Provides confidential health services including:
    • Medical clearances
    • Clinical services
    • Medical treatment

Office of Judicial Affairs

Email: oja@hawaii.edu
Phone: 808.956.4416

  • Hears student conduct code violations and academic grievances
  • Goal is to create a safe and welcoming campus learning environment

KOKUA (Disability Access Services)

Email: kokua@hawaii.edu
Web: www.hawaii.edu/kokua
Phone: 808.956.7511 (Voice/Text)

  • Works with students and faculty to create equal access and fair accommodations for students with disabilities.
  • Provides referral services.

Kuaʻana Student Services

Phone: 808.956.2644

  • Comprehensive program designed for Native Hawaiian students to connect with programs, projects and issues in the Hawaiian community.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Student Services Office

Email: LGBTQ@hawaii.edu
Web: manoa.hawaii.edu/lgbt/
Phone: 808.956.9250

  • Helps LGBTI students feel safe and ensures that LGBTI people are an integral part of UHM.
  • Offers trainings.
  • Offers regular supportive meetings, a comfortable area to study, etc.


Web: manoa.hawaii.edu/commuter/
Phone: 808.956.8899


Web: www.hawaii.edu/security
Phone: 808.956.6911

Veterans Affairs

Email: uhmva@hawaii.edu
Web: manoa.hawaii.edu/records/veterans/
Phone: 808.956.7737

  • Assists military veterans and their dependents who are eligible for Montgomery GI Bill benefits.

Women's Center

Email: uhmwomen@hawaii.edu
Web: www.hawaii.edu/womenscenter/
Phone: 808.956.8059

  • A safe gathering place.
  • Offers study lounges and meeting space.
  • Offers referral services, academic and personal development workshops, educational lectures and programs, etc.

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On campus:

Email: uhmsh@hawaii.edu
Web: manoa.hawaii.edu/housing/
Phone: 808.956.8177

Off Campus Housing Referral Program:

Email: och@hawaii.edu
Web: www.housing.hawaii.edu/och
Phone: 808.956.7356

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Recreational Services

Art Gallery

Email: gallery@hawaii.edu
Web: www.hawaii.edu/artgallery
Phone: 808.956.6888

  • Exhibits student and faculty art.
  • Plays a significant role in providing information about the visual arts in both a historical and contemporary context.

John F. Kennedy Theatre

Web: www.hawaii.edu/kennedy/
Phone: 808.956.7655

  • Home to classes and productions of the Department of Theatre and Dance and hosts touring productions from around the globe.
  • Plays and productions are open to students and the public.

Campus Center:

Web: www.hawaii.edu/campuscenter/

  • Gamesroom:
    Phone: 808.956.7250
    • Free 9-ball Tournament
    • Pool
    • Private Rentals
    • Xbox360/Nintendo Wii
  • Leisure Center:
    Phone: 808.956.6468
    • Various equipments can be rented (outdoor to indoor)
      • Kayak Rentals

  • Computer Lab & Lounge:
    Phone: 808.956.8343
    • All are invited to read, study or relax
    • Newspapers, email services, and computer access are available

Office of Student Life and Development

Web: www.manoa.hawaii.edu/studentlife/
Phone: 808.956.8178

  • Offers opportunities to make new friends, try new activities, test new ideas, and acquire new skills.
    • Leadership Courses and Workshops
    • Intramural Recreational Sports
    • Leisure Center Activities
    • Student Union Facilities

Fitness Center

Web: www.manoa.hawaii.edu/studentrec/

Phone: 808.956.9555

  • Students with a validated UH Mānoa I.D. for the current semester is required for entry

Intramural Sports Office

Web: www.manoa.hawaii.edu/studentrec/

Phone: 808.956.7694

  • A valid UH Manoa photo ID is required for the use of the facilities
  • Various recreational sports available at different times
    • Tennis, table tennis, swimming, volleyball, basketball, track and field, etc.

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Food Service

Dining Services

Web: http://www.uhmdining.com/
Phone: 808.956.3663

  • Paradise Palms
  • Da Spot
  • Golden River Catering
  • Govinda's
  • L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

  • India Café
  • Papa Luck's
  • Simply Ono
  • The Bean Counter
  • Bale
  • Jamba Juice
  • Taco Bell/ Pizza Hut
  • Hale Aloha Café
  • & many more places all around

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