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December 1, 2008

It’s that time again. Final exams, the end of the semester, and the holiday season are fast approaching. When events or responsibilities in your life interfere with your ability to succeed at school or in your personal world, or when the demands of academic life feel overwhelming, it may be time to seek help. The Counseling and Student Development Center (CSDC) is a place to turn to for information, understanding, and knowledgeable assistance. CSDC’s mission is to provide high quality services to promote the academic success and overall well-being of our students. CSDC serves as a resource for development of life skills and personal growth, in addition to helping students connect with other resources on campus, such as the Learning Assistance Center, the Testing Office, the Kokua Office, and other support available to students.

Services are confidential, highly individualized and respectful of diversity. Counseling and outreach services are available free of charge, with a minimal fee for psychiatric consult and appointments. Fees are also associated with testing and comprehensive assessments.

CSDC offers a variety of services to meet individual, group or University community needs:

  • Individual or Couples Counseling: counselors work with students to understand and cope with a variety of issues, such as:
    • Managing Stress
    • Exploring and Strengthening Identity
    • Building Healthy Relationships
    • Reducing Depression or Anxiety
    • Clarifying Sexual Orientation
    • Recovering from Abuse or Trauma
    • Dealing with Discrimination
    • Adjusting to University Life and/or Hawaii
    • Offering Support for Grief Recovery
  • Group Counseling: new groups are offered each semester. Below are groups currently running or coming soon:
    • Relaxation/Stress Management (open to join)
    • Multicultural Women’s Group (currently closed)
    • Healthy Relationships (currently closed)
    • Hero’s Journey (currently closed)
    • Breaking up is hard to do (coming soon!)
    • Non-traditional students (coming soon!)
  • Career Counseling: career counseling can help students begin to match their majors and potential careers with their interests and personality characteristics. We offer help:
    • Choosing a Major
    • Setting Career Goals
    • Career Assessments
  • Emergency/crisis: Counselors are available to respond to crises:
    • Walk-in
    • Outreach on Campus
  • Assessment: testing may help students understand their strengths and areas of challenge, and learn how to cope:
    • Comprehensive testing for learning disabilities and ADHD
  • Psychiatric Service: If you are interested in consulting with a Psychiatrist about medication, your intake counselor can make a referral to one of our on-staff psychiatrists.
    • Medical evaluation of physical and emotional symptoms
    • Medication Management
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In addition, counseling center staff is available to students, faculty and staff for outreach services, including:

  • Consultation regarding organizational problems, staff development, overcoming interpersonal difficulties, or working with troubled students.
  • Outreach to debrief and support students/staff after a traumatic event such as an accident, or the death of a student or staff member.
  • Workshops or classroom presentation on a variety of topics, such as Career Decision making, Assertiveness, Study Skills, Improving or understanding relationships, and Stress Management. We will entertain other topics upon request.

The Counseling and Student Development Center is open from Monday through Friday, 8am to 4:30pm. If you are interested in making an appointment or talking with someone, call our front desk at 956-7927.

For more information about services and staff, check out our website at:

Web site:
Phone: (808) 956-7927
Queen Liliʻuokalani Center for Student Services, Room 312


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