Student Conduct Code

Student Conduct Code Policies

Prepared by Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.





The purposes of the University of Hawaiʻi are to give thorough instruction, conduct research and disseminate knowledge in and of branches of advanced learning as prescribed by its Board of Regents. The University is committed to ensuring a safe, civil, learning and working environment in which the dignity of every individual is respected. All members of the University community-students, faculty and staff - share responsibility for its growth and continued welfare.

Choosing to join the University community obligates each student to abide by this code of conduct. By enrolling in the University, students accept the responsibility to become fully acquainted with the University’s regulations and to comply with the University’s authority. The University expects students to maintain standards of personal integrity that are in harmony with the educational goals of the institution; to respect the rights, privileges, and property of others; and to observe national, state, and local laws and University regulations.

The University views the disciplinary process as a learning experience which aims to promote growth and understanding of one’s responsibilities and privileges within the University environment. To this end, the disciplinary process attempts to balance an understanding and knowledge of students and their needs with the needs of the academic community. Pursuit of a college education provides an opportunity for exploration of new ideas, experimentation, self-examination, formation of new relationships, and development of ideals and direction. However, the University does not absolve students from accepting responsibility for their behavior in their pursuit of a college education. Rather, it reaffirms the principle of student freedom that is coupled with an acceptance of responsibility for one’s actions and the consequences of such actions.